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The Asbjørn Følling Memorial Medal

The Asbjørn Følling Memorial Medal
  • Endocrinology and metabolism
  • Phenylketonuria (PKU)

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asbjorn folling

The Asbjørn Følling memorial lecture award was given to Dr Ursula Wachtel1. Prof Fritz Trefz2 made the award and praised Dr Wachtel for her pioneering work developing dietary formulas for PKU patients.

With typical modesty, in response to her introduction, Dr Wachtel thanked Prof Trefz for his portrayal of her as the ‘Grandmother of PKU’ remarking that she ‘had no idea that she had done so much work!’

Dr Wachtel went on to deliver this year’s Asbjørn Følling memorial lecture. After reviewing the progress since Følling’s initial discovery she presented the delegates with a challenge, ‘To work together with each other, with governments, with patients and their families to close the gaps in care for PKU patients.’

Dr Wachtel is perhaps best known for her work developing P-AM a Phe-free amino acid mixture supplemented with minerals, trace elements and vitamins. After many years of development and testing, P-AM ‘PKU tablets’ obtained a USA patent in 1995. She has published many books, articles and patient brochures for the treatment of patients with PKU and allied metabolic diseases.

Organizer of the first, ‘Wachtel’ meeting of what became the ‘European Metabolic Group’ in 1968, she has held key roles in the German PKU Society and ESPKU. In honor of her contribution, Dr Wachtel was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1995.


1 - Dr Ursula Wachtel (Berlin, Germany)

2 - Prof Friedrich Trefz (Medical Centre Gammertingen, Kreiskliniken Reutlingen GmbH, Gammertingen, Germany)

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Endocrinology and metabolism