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EXCEMED's extensive range of Transformational Learning activities is possible because of our generous grantors.

Industry, 11 September 2018
In the rapidly changing field of medicine, reaching doctors effectively requires first having access to the most credible experts. EXCEMED collaborates with some of the most highly valued medical opinion leaders in the world. Thanks to these relationships, we have advanced our global presence and credibility in neurology, reproductive medicine, oncology, key aspects of general medicine and other...
Industry, 6 September 2018
Patients benefit when healthcare practitioners and members of industry work together. For example, exchange between industry and doctors is vital for clinicians to keep abreast of medical developments that can change lives.

Independent medical education drives healthcare forward, delivering results to people who need it most: patients.

In the healthcare field, where research, innovation...

Industry, 10 August 2018
The EXCEMED vision is to improve patient health - worldwide. This is an ambitious task, but we believe that by guiding doctors, individually, through a progressive and interactive learning experience, real clinical changes can result.

Impressive goals require precise ways of evaluating outcomes. What exactly do we mean when we say our brand of medical education is “outcomes-based”? We are...


GAIN WORLDWIDE VISIBILITY through an annual unrestricted donation

A high-value contribution: reasonable investment in exchange for worldwide exposure of your organization to a targeted group of experts in the field(s) that matter to you: Reproductive Medicine, Neurology, Oncology, Endocrinology and Cardiometabolic diseases.

Collaborative donor:

Visibility of your organization’s name and logo in all EXCEMED printed brochures and on

Partnership donor:

Visibility of your organization’s name and logo in all EXCEMED printed brochures, plus the possibility of displaying/distributing your organization’s profile brochures at our key live events. Your organization’s logo is displayed on



FUND A CME/CPD BLENDED EDUCATIONAL JOURNEY through a restricted educational grant

EXCEMED regularly partners with renowned experts and international and national medical societies when planning and developing scientific programmes. Live and digital formats are offered – both of which yield highly engaging learning experiences.

Educational grantor:Contact us

Covers all aspects of a live or digital learning experience, including:

  • Concept: needs assessments, gaps identification, content and format design, faculty engagement and outcomes measurements.
  • Development: theme and branding concepts, financial management, programme implementation, suppliers’ management, onsite delivery, post-event reporting.

Your organization is acknowledged as grantor and appears in the brochures of the funded programme and on