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What we do

A world of opportunity for learning awaits medical practitioners with EXCEMED’s multi-format, CME-accredited educational options.

EXCEMED White Paper

Transformational Learning:
The learner-centered paradigm shift in independent medical education

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2008 - 2010

Live educational events

International Conferences

Be updated on cutting-edge topics in science and medicine at one of our international gatherings.


Junior healthcare professionals looking to specialize in a specific field can benefit from these international training courses.

Practice teaching courses

Small groups of learners convene in a hospital setting to explore theory and practice. (Formerly Preceptorship courses)


Exchange about specific clinical cases within a small group of participants.

CME Tours

One or more key experts hold highly interactive and discussion-based workshops in different cities and countries.

Intensive 1:1 shadow courses

Get a dedicated one-on-one learning experience for up to three days by following the leader of a clinic or hospital in their daily work.

Expert panel meetings

Experts gather to discuss and present on specific medical issues.

Flipped classrooms

Complete lectures and readings online, prior to the course, and use on-site time to exchange with teachers and other learners.


Online learning


EXCEMED’s online possibilities meet the distance learning needs of healthcare professionals and expand access to education and training. 

Online courses

each course has an explicit learning objective and assessment test upon finishing. Successful completion of the assessment will allow the registered learner to download either a CME certificate (accredited courses only) or a ‘certificate of completion’ (non-accredited courses).

Interactive online-course

learning is divided into short sections with an on-line quiz or other modes of interactivity to help learners reflect on, and retain, educational material.

Interactive online clinical case studies

this is a highly interactive case study where learners can make key diagnostic, treatment and follow-up decisions leading to enhanced learning outcomes.

Video lectures

videotaped presentations recorded live or created specifically for the website, but without interactive elements.

Congress reports

follow up on the key messages from an event or lecture with reports written by experts.

Literature reviews

draw out the important points from the latest scientific literature in various subject areas.

Video interviews

find out what opinion leaders and learners are saying at live events.

Commented articles

an expert reviews a recent article from a scientific or medical journal, focussing on the essential points as they apply to specific practitioners.