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Perspective interview - Nenad Blau (First Issue Newsletter)

Perspective interview - Nenad Blau (First Issue Newsletter)

PKU Academy Newsletter: First Issue Video Interview with Professor Nenad Blau

At the 3rd European Phenylketonuria Group symposium Professor Blau delivered the keynote Asbjørn Følling Lecture and used the opportunity to review how far we have come in our understanding of PKU and related metabolic disorders to date. He also charted the history of BH4 from its initial discovery and purification to the latest models of BH4 metabolic pathways. Looking to the future, he was in no doubt that these are exciting times for PKU, with new treatments and greater flexibility for patients just a few years away. How, we asked, would he describe the current state of PKU management, where is research taking us and what are his hopes for the future for the diagnosis and treatment of PKU?

Nenad Blau

Senior Consultant in Biochemical Genetics
Dietmar-Hopp-Metabolic Center
Division of Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry
University Children's Hospital
Heidelberg, Germany