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MS Alumni

The MS Alumni programme is an educational initiative of EXCEMED that is intended to provide ongoing support for young physicians and specialists in neurology.


  • Neurology
Announcement, 10 August 2017

In the context of multiple sclerosis rehabilitation, there is evidence of the effects of different types of intervention that can be elaborated in a multi-dimensional treatment model. Find out more in this new #MSTalks episode, presented by Prof Peter Feys, Rehabilitation Research Institute, University of Uhasselt, Uhasselt, Belgium.

  • Neurology
Announcement, 24 December 2016

#MSTalks episode 7 presented by Prof Nicola De Stefano (University of Siena, Italy) is now available. Conventional and unconventional imaging of MS gives you the essentials on magnetic resonance imaging in multiple sclerosis. #MSTalks is your new video companion in MS knowledge - quick, accessible, reliable resources you can use any time, anywhere. Free for you from EXCEMED MS Alumni.


  • Neurology
Announcement, 16 November 2016

Dr. Maria P. Amato presents the latest #MSTalks episode which covers cognitive dysfunction in MS.

Dr. Amato is a  member of the Executive Committee of the European Committee for Treatment and Research on Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS). She is actively involved in clinical research on MS, at both the national and international level, with focus on treatment,  clinical epidemiology and...