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Diabetes and thyroid in clinical practice: from therapeutic algorithms to personalized therapies

Diabetes and thyroid disorders are two of the most prevalent non-communicable chronic diseases worldwide, both having a heavy impact on patients’ quality of life and life expectancy. The number of people affected by diabetes mellitus is close to half a billion and the rising trend in diabetes prevalence worldwide is far from slowing, with catastrophic outcomes in terms of morbidity, mortality and healthcare expenditures.

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Interactive tutorial

Literature Library


  • Literature corner: summarizes the key points and related publications for each of the materials of the digital journey.
  • Publications exchange: contains a section for learners to share their research and publications related to the educational activity topics.
  • Question time: is a chance for learners to ask questions anonymously – the faculty will answer in remotely.


Osama Hamdy


Prediabetes: stopping the path towards diabetes and cardiovascular diseases


  • Understand the importance of identifying subjects with pre-diabetes and of implementing diabetes prevention strategies
  • Identify the main reasons of obesity and diabetes epidemic
  • Learn how to modify dietary habits to stop the path toward pre-diabetes



  • Most people with pre-diabetes are unaware that they have it. How can people who don’t know that they have a condition, make lifestyle changes to prevent it progressing?
  • Which dietary factors do you consider the most harmful, the ones most likely to increase the chances of a person developing diabetes?

Nemencio Nicodemus Jr.


Expert interview: Subclinical thyroid disorders

Interactive tutorial

Cardiovascular protection with anti-diabetes drugs


  • Identify determinants of the increased cardiovascular risk in subjects with type 2 diabetes • Discuss the cardiovascular benefits associated with early metformin use
  • Discuss cardiovascular benefits of second-line diabetes therapies
  • Apply results of the cardiovascular outcome trials in clinical practice



  • Estimation of cardiovascular risk in diabetes
  • Long-term benefits of metformin in the UKPDS
  • Results of the most recent and impacting cardiovascular outcome trials

Interactive tutorial

Subclinical hypothyroidism


• Illustrate the prevalence of subclinical hypothyroidism
• Discuss when subclinical hypothyroidism should be screened
• Decide whether treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism should be advised based on benefits and risks.



• Epidemiology of subclinical hypothyroidism
• Manifestations of subclinical hypothyroidism
• End-organ effects of subclinical hypothyroidism
• Algorithm for therapeutic decisions in patients with subclinical hypothryoidism

Interactive tutorial

Diagnosing thyroid nodules


  • Know the main features of three current sets of guidelines for diagnosing thyroid nodules.
  • Interpret thyroid nodule ultrasounds, picking out key features and characteristics.
  • Cross-reference findings from the ultrasound images to guideline recommendations.
  • Decide from guideline recommendations, patient history and from personal experience the appropriate course of action for an individual patient - whether fine needle aspiration biopsy is warranted or not.



  • Thyroid nodule ultrasound reporting
  • AACE/ACE/AME, ATA and TI-RADS ultrasound classification systems for thyroid nodules
  • Appropriate prescription of fine needle cytology in thyroid nodules

Interactive tutorial

Interactive Clinical Case: Diabesity epidemic

This Interactive Clinical Case asks you to follow the path toward treating a 43-year-old woman who moved from the Philippines to Italy at age 14 and started to gain weight at that time.There are no cases of diabetes in her family.

The learning objectives are to describe the pandemia of obesity, diabetes and pre-diabetes, discuss the intimate relationship between obesity and diabetes pandemia and estimate the economic and health burden associated with the increasing prevalence of diabetes.

It discusses topics of epidemiology of obesity and diabetes according to the most recent estimates, pathways leading from obesity to diabetes and economic burden of diabetes & obesity.

Interactive tutorial

Gestional diabetes


  • Identify subjects at risk of developing gestational diabetes
  • Learn consequences of gestational diabetes for the off-spring and the mother
  • Decide about treatment options based on available evidences about risks and benefits and on international guidelines



  • Screening strategies for gestational diabetes
  • Pregnancy outcomes of women with gestational diabetes
  • Diet recommendations in women with gestational diabetes
  • Insulin treatment in gestational diabetes – benefits and risks
  • Metformin and other oral glucose lowering drugs in gestational diabetes –benefits and risks


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Learning objectives
  • Identify and manage insulin-resistance states in diabetic and non-diabetic subjects
  • Update their clinical practice with the newest advances in terms of diagnosis and management of diabetes and its complications
  • Manage thyroid diseases in difficult clinical settings including cardiovascular patients, pregnancy and advanced thyroid cancer



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