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Learning Package: Transforming treatment algorithms in mCRC

Learning Package: Transforming treatment algorithms in mCRC
  • Oncology
  • Metastatic colorectal cancer
15 November 2017

The goal of personalized medicine is to tailor treatments to the patient’s individual biologic profile. In oncology, this concept has been reinvigorated by major achievements in therapeutic and molecular diagnostics.The integration of  precision  medicine  into  medical  oncology  is transforming treatment algorithms which may ultimately translate knowledge into daily clinical practice, while leading to a more collaborative disease management approach among disciplines.

Review the slide kits, graphic recordings and expert video interviews below to update your understanding of:

• Colorectal cancer biology and select molecular tests of clinical relevance
• Biomarker-driven strategies to establish a “continuum of care” in patients with colorectal cancer
• Design and interpretation of clinical trials in colorectal cancer


Expert Interview: Alberto Sobrero on the adjuvant treatment of CRC

Expert interview: Claus-Henning Khoen on the biggest treatment challenges in CRC

Expert interview: Paola Gazzaniga on liquid biopsy for monitoring mCRC

Expert Interview: Rodrigo Dienstmann on CRC research, past and future


Scribing: Management of radiation-related complications and supportive care

Scribing: International guidelines for the treatment of HNSCC

Management of advanced colorectal cancer
           A. Sobrero

Molecular determinants for first-line treatment in mCRC
           C.H. Köhne

Second-line treatment and beyond in mCRC
           A. Sobrero

Dominant molecular pathways in CRC
           R. Dienstmann

Tumor heterogeneity
           P. Gazzaniga (Italy)

Colorectal molecular subtypes and beyond
           R. Dienstmann

Tissue sampling bias and liquid biopsy
 P. Gazzaniga (Italy)


Molecular oncology & Medical oncology: interprofessional dialogues
             R. Dienstmann
(Spain); P. Gazzaniga (Italy);
             C.H. Köhne (Germany); A. Sobrero (Italy)

Three versus six months adjuvant chemotherapy in stage III colon cancer
           A. Sobrero (Italy)

To treat or not to treat stage II CRC
           C.H. Köhne (Germany)


Clinical cases solving
             C.H. Köhne (Germany); F.S. Papadia (Italy); A. Sobrero (Italy)

Evolving clinical trial design in CRC
           R. Dienstmann (Spain)

Interpretation of clinical trials results
           A. Sobrero (Italy)


             Molecular oncology & Medical oncology: interprofessional dialogues

             R. Dienstmann (Spain); P. Gazzaniga (Italy);
             C.H. Köhne (Germany); A. Sobrero (Italy)

Target audience
Practicing clinicians who have an interest in understanding colorectal cancer biology and building individual competencies in the management of the disease.
by Excemed