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Learning package: Hypertension, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction

Learning package: Hypertension, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction
  • Cardiometabolic
    Endocrinology and metabolism
  • Diabetes
    Thyroid disorder
6 June 2017

Thyroid disorders are among the most prevalent endocrine diseases, with significant impact on quality of life and increased risk of morbidity. Taken together, hypertension and diabetes share common pathophysiologic mechanisms, health outcomes and clinical issues that are often tough tasks to face in clinical practice. This new learning package of scientific highlights, slide kits and expert interviews will assist general practitioners, cardiologists, endocrinologists and internists working with patients who have one or more of this complex trio of diseases.

Diabetes and pre-diabetes

Cardiovascular complications of pre-diabetes VIDEO INTERVIEW
           K. Cruickshank (UK)

Pre-diabetes: is there cause for concern? SLIDE KIT
           R. Mirasol (Philippines)
Pre-diabetes: is intervention a good option? SLIDE KIT
           R. Mirasol (Philippines)

The changing face of diabetes SLIDE KIT
            S.J. Shah (India)

Women and insulin resistance: beyond diabetes SLIDE KIT
           P. Gatbonton (Philippines)

What can we do when insulin is not an option? SLIDE KIT / VIDEO INTERVIEW
           P. Gatbonton (Philippines)


Tachycardia in hypertension…What is the fuss about? VIDEO INTERVIEW / SLIDE KIT
           B. Tomlinson (Hong Kong)

Combination treatment: Importance of targeting 3 systems in hypertension SLIDE KIT
           S. Taddei (Italy)

Hypertension and coronary artery disease SLIDE KIT
           S.J. Hong (Korea)

Heart failure: guidelines and treatment practices SLIDE KIT
           B. Pinto (India)

Sympathetic Overdrive and its associated clinical problems SLIDE KIT
           Marlon T. Co (Philippines)


Dysthyroidism and vascular biology SLIDE KIT / VIDEO INTERVIEW
           G. Kahaly (Germany)

Subclinical thyroid disorders SLIDE KIT / EXPERT VIDEO INTERVIEW
           N. A. Nicodemus Jr (Philippines)

Thyroid and pregnancy SLIDE KIT
           N. K. Nguyen (Vietnam)

Regional conference
Manila, Philippines
Apr 22 - 23, 2017
Target audience
General practitioners, Cardiologists, endocrinologists and internists managing diabetes, thyroid and cardiometabolic diseases in the Asia-Pacific region.
by Excemed