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Before completing the form, please take a moment to review these guidelines for submitting a proposal:

  • EXCEMED encourages proposals from hospitals, universities, medical societies and associations, patient associations, health centres, pharmaceutical companies and companies providing healthcare goods and services.
  • EXCEMED considers proposals for international educational activities including live educational events (international conferences, workshops, etc.) and e-learning activities (online courses, websites, etc.) and publications.
  • EXCEMED accepts proposals that fall under its medical specialty areas: neurology, reproductive medicine, oncology, allergology, endocrinology and metabolism (including thyroid disorder and diabetes), dermatology, immunology and cardiovascular medicine.
  • EXCEMED may also evaluate proposals that fall outside its current medical specialties.
  • All proposals must be submitted in English.
  • Those submitting proposals are kindly requested not to combine two separate projects into a single proposal.
  • The rationale or need for the educational activity should be clearly defined, the general subject of the educational activity must be scientifically valid and the target audience should be clearly identified.
  • Please note that EXCEMED requires that all proposals specify the intended source of funding for the activity and the amount committed. Please record in the Proposal Form the name and contact person within any grantor organization with whom you have already agreed funding, together with the associated value.
  • Proposals may be submitted at any time during the year but are reviewed and evaluated only twice a year, in early April and at the end of September.

All fields are mandatory. If you have no information to include in a field, please insert N.A.



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