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MS Nurse Club

After many years of organizing educational workshops for MS Nurses, EXCEMED launched the MS Nurse Club - a portal to educational opportunities for nurses, with the bonus of sharing ideas and experiences with fellow professionals. Enjoy free access to education and debate influencing the world of MS nurses.

Video tutorials from EXCEMED MS Nurse Club

MS nurses have important questions; MS Nurse Club has answers. EXCEMED MS Nurse Club is here to support practical and applicable knowledge on a range of topics in MS care. Accessible, casual, informative tutorial videos that answer some of the most important questions among MS nurses working in today’s MS environment.

Clear takeaway messages for MS nurses in 15 minutes or less.


Planning and managing pregnancy in MS (Amy Perrin Ross, USA)

Disease modifying and symptomatic treatment in progressive MS (Miguel Angel Robles Sanchez, Spain)

Pediatric MS (Kitty Harrison, Netherlands)

Communicating an MS diagnosis (Alessandra Solari, Italy)

Risk minimization and safety in MS treatment (Vicky Matthews, UK)



MS Nurse Club - how does it work?

MS Nurse Club is a microsite within the EXCEMED website. The content and activities of the MS Nurse Club are guided by ‘MS nurse ambassadors’ who form the editorial board. The editorial board will also contribute regularly ensuring that the club remains focused on your priorities. For any additional information, please contact


Editorial board

Because it is important that the MS Nurse Club provides information and learning activities of the highest possible standard, it is being guided by an editorial board. Two of the key members are the MS Nurse Club Ambassadors, Roberta Motta and Colleen Harris.

She represents the Italian MS Society on the "Italian Multiple Sclerosis Nurses Society". Now she conducts research regarding the management of urinary dysfunction through the pelvic floor rehabilitation. She is a member at large of the board of IOMSN.

Hüseyin Hüseyin is currently Chair of the United Kingdom Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Nurse Association (UKMSSNA). UKMSSNA is the professional membership organization for Clinical Nurse Specialists in multiple sclerosis, and provides support and information for other health and social care professionals with an interest in the care of people with MS in the United Kingdom.

Colleen, along with several of her MS nursing colleagues from North America, Europe, and Australia, was involved in the creation of the International Organization of MS nurses (IOMSN) and is one of the past presidents of this organization. She has been active in committee and project work with the Consortium of MS Centers (CMSC) for 25 years and was president of this organization from 2007-2009.


  • Neurology
Announcement, 14 November 2017
Being part of the multidisciplinary team caring for people with MS, nurses are more and more involved in every aspect of MS management. As the MS scenario is constantly changing thanks to technological innovations and therapeutic evolution, nurses seek for updated knowledge. These slide kits, created by international experts in MS nursing, address the following issues in MS from a nurse's...
  • Neurology
News, 1 December 2014

Two video lectures from the 2014 MS Nurse International workshop held in Boston, USA in September focusing on the developing role of MS nurses, are now available.

The lectures  are given by Amy Perrin- Ross (USA) who presents on The comprehensive interaction between the MS Centre and the patient at home, and Diane Lowden (Canada) who examines How to handle patients with psychiatric...

  • Neurology
News, 25 November 2014

A new video lecture Cognitive rehabilitation in MS, recorded at the MS Nurse International Workshop held in Boston , USA in September 2014 is now available on the MS Nurse website.

The lecture, by Prof. John DeLuca, from the Kessler Foundation and New Jersey Medical School, USA looks at the major issue of cognitive impairment which affects up to 70 per cent of people with MS. John...