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CME Tours of India

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CME Tours of India

  • Cardiometabolic
  • Diabetes


Clinical Diabetes Management
Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus, especially type 2, is a growing epidemic in India as citizens are increasingly adopting western life styles. A particular genetic predisposition in these populations is indeed present. Current estimates indicate that 8.2% of the adult population, or 72.1 million people, have diabetes, 65.1 million of whom live in India. The management of this disease and its complications and co morbidities is a big challenge, especially for the healthcare, considering the low level of expenses that are dedicated to it. This situation is also a challenge for the local medical schools and institutions which has to prepare and train the health care professionals who will handle such problems. The EXCEMED CME Tour on clinical diabetes management is composed of 20 educational workshops in partnership with 14 medical schools and 4 co operations with universities in Maharashtra region.

The aim of this educational project on clinical diabetes management are to prioritize diabetes care and then to increase awareness for its prevention in India, thus creating diabetes ambassadors who would able to manage patients wherever they are needed according to international guidelines and clinical evidence-based medicine. State-of-the-art knowledge, based on international guidelines and evidence-based medicine data, will be addressed by a European lecturer, focusing on: physiopathology of diabetes; diagnostic procedures in diabetes, including screening; diabetic complications and co morbidities; therapeutic solutions in diabetes; educational and prevention strategies in diabetes. Also, the practical application of such information will be addressed through clinical case presentations prepared by the faculties. They will present evidence-based data and novel management approaches in diabetes, as well as exemplary clinical cases of diabetic patients. The main objectives of such intensive training courses are to help impart the knowledge on diabetes amongst the undergraduate students, diabetologists, endocrinologists and all the healthcare professional dealing with T2DM, to improve their skills in the clinical management of diabetic patients.  


The EXCEMED CME Tour on clinical diabetes management in India is composed of 20 educational workshops in partnership with 14 Medical Schools and 4 co operations of Universities in Maharashtra region.