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Ovarian stimulation strategies: Maximizing efficiency in ART

Ovarian stimulation strategies: Maximizing efficiency in ART
  • Reproductive medicine
  • Fertility
Regional workshop by Excemed
Friday, Apr 6 - Saturday, Apr 7 2018
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil




Poseidon group
In Vitro Fertilization

Event format

Learning Journey



Registration status

To register for this event, contact

Meridiano Congress International
Event Manager: Giorgia Di Egidio
T +39 06 88 595 209 - F +39 06 88 595 209

Registration fee


The registration fee includes:

  • Access to the online tutorials
  • Scientific sessions
  • Coffee breaks and luncheons
  • Educational materials
  • Certificate of attendance

Dinners are not included.


Success rates following IVF treatment have increased significantly since its early days, largely as a result of the introduction and use of ovarian stimulation. Controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) now plays a major role in optimising IVF outcomes by facilitating control of different aspects of the process and increasing the number of oocytes available. COS aims to achieve maximal success with minimal side effects. Progress in and understanding of ovarian physiology, as well as new advances in ovarian stimulation strategies have made it possible for healthcare professionals to achieve the optimal outcomes for patients.

The EXCEMED blended education approach reinforces concepts from different angles, using a multi-format, multi-discipline and multi-profession approach to progressive learning and access to a network of experts. The aim of this learner-centred programme is to enhance clinical practice by exploring the ideal outcomes desired by patients, embryologists, and clinicians following ART, with individualised approaches towards attaining these goals. We hope you will enjoy this interactive and dynamic programme.

Learning objectives

• Understand how laboratory and clinical outcomes define success in ART

• Describe the different elements of ART and how they contribute to success

• Understand the changing approaches to ART and how they affect clinical practice

• Tailor the best protocol for patients undergoing ART by understanding the choices available and selecting the most appropriate for the individual patient

Accreditation details

An  application  has  been  made  to  the  EACCME ® for  CME  accreditation  of  the  EXCEMED  course “Ovarian stimulation strategies: maximizing efficiency in ART” to be held on 6-7 April 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Scientific programme


From 13.00            Lunch and Registration

13.30                     Round table

                              C. Alviggi, Italy; S. Esteves, Brazil; R. Fischer, Germany; F. Neuspiller, Argentina ; M. Roque, Brazil

14.00                     Opening and introduction

                              R. Fischer, Germany                           

Session I

14.10     L1          How should we measure success in ART  VIDEO LECTURE

                             S. Esteves, Brazil

14.35                    Question time

                             S. Esteves, Brazil                            

14.45     L2           Optimising IVF outcomes through increased number of oocytes  VIDEO LECTURE

                             F. Neuspiller, Argentina

15.10                    Question time

                             F. Neuspiller, Argentina

15.20     L3           Choosing the most appropriate gonadotropin for your patients: Exploring the pros and cons of recombinant vs urinary FSH, and the role of LH  VIDEO LECTURE

                             C. Alviggi, Italy

15.45                    Question time

                             C. Alviggi, Italy

15.55                    Coffee break

16.15     L4           Defining ovarian response groups: Suboptimal response and the POSEIDON concept  VIDEO LECTURE

                             C. Alviggi, Italy

16.40                    Question time

                             C. Alviggi, Italy

16.50                    Panel discussion

17.20                    Interactive case study session

                             C. Alviggi, Italy

17. 50                   End of the first day

Session II          

09.00     L5           Is there a place for mild stimulation and modified the natural cycle in iCOS?  VIDEO LECTURE

                             M. Roque, Brazil

09.25                    Question time

                             M. Roque, Brazil

09.35    L6           New challenges in COS what are the best options for luteal phase support in fresh cycles  VIDEO LECTURE

                            S. Esteves, Brazil

10.00                   Question time

                            S. Esteves, Brazil

10.10     L7          Frozen embryo strategies: Are we ready for a freeze all approach?  VIDEO LECTURE

                            M. Roque, Brazil

10.35                   Question time

                            M. Roque, Brazil

10.45                   Coffee break

11.05     L8          Choices in endometrial preparation for frozen embryo transfer cycles: Natural cycle or hormone replacement therapy?  VIDEO LECTURE

                            F. Neuspiller, Argentina

11.30                   Question time

                            F. Neuspiller, Argentina

11.40                   Panel discussion

12.10                   Two interactive case studies session

                            M. Roque, Brazil - F. Neuspiller, Argentina

13.10                   Concluding remarks

                            R. Fischer, Germany

13.20                   End of the workshop and lunch



Sandro Esteves

ANDROFERT - Andrology & Human Reproduction Clinic
Campinas, Brazil

Fernando Neuspiller

IVI Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
General IVI Buenos Aires
Fernando Neuspiller

Matheus Roque

Center for Reproductive Medicine Rio de Janeiro
Matheus Roque


Registration fee for the whole blended programme is Euro 150,00
For registration and accomodation please contact:
Meridiano Congress International - Project Manager: Giorgia Di Egidio
T +39 06 88595 245 - F +39 06 88595 234 - giorgia.diegidio@meridiano.i

Slide kit
Matheus Roque
Reproductive medicine
Slide kit
Matheus Roque, Fernando Neuspiller
Reproductive medicine
Slide kit
Carlo Alviggi
Reproductive medicine
Slide kit
Sandro Esteves
Reproductive medicine
Sandro Esteves
Reproductive medicine
Slide kit
Fernando Neuspiller
Reproductive medicine