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Improving Success in ART

Improving Success in ART
  • Reproductive medicine
  • Fertility
Workshop by Excemed
Saturday, Oct 19 2019
Tallinn, Estonia

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Registration status

To register for this event, contact

EMOTION. Business & travel Ltd
Congress Manager: Alina Protsenko
T +38 044 257 5501 - F +38 (044) 257 0085 -

Registration fee


The registration includes:
• Scientific sessions
• Coffee breaks and lunch
• Educational materials
• Certificate of attendance
Dinner is not included


This programme will be live streamed.
Follow the sessions from the comfort of your home or office by joining at this link.


Controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) now plays a major role in optimising IVF outcomes by facilitating control of different aspects of the process and increasing the number of oocytes available. COS aims to achieve maximal success with minimal side effects. Progress in and understanding of ovarian physiology, as well as new advances in ovarian stimulation strategies have made it possible for healthcare professionals to achieve the optimal outcomes for patients.
Success in assisted reproductive technology (ART) depends on carefully controlled conditions in every step of the laboratory routine.
In addition, continuous advances in technology require constant revision of good laboratory practices and the introduction of new techniques. This educational activity will improve the participants’ knowledge of the latest technologies and laboratory practice guidelines.

The learning activity offers an interactive programme with specialised lectures tailored to fit the needs of physicians and embryologists working in ART, followed by lectures and case studies.Learners will have the opportunity to discuss, directly with renowned scientists, pertinent topics that have been the subject of controversy and innovation. Discussions will concentrate on how to facilitate optimal laboratory conditions, culture environments, selection criteria and how to select the best therapy for infertile patients.

Learning objectives

By attending this live intervention, participants will be able to:
• Define laboratory and clinical outcomes for defining success in ART
• Key factors influencing the success of ART
• Tailor the best stimulation protocol for patients undergoing ART
• Discuss and debate changing approaches to ART

Scientific programme

07:45                  Registration                        

08.30                  Opening
                            R. Fischer, Germany

08:40                  Welcome Introduction - State of the ART in Baltic countries
                            A. Salumets, Estonia


Session I

Chair: Robert Fischer – Andres Salumets


09.00     L1         What is success in ART and the importance of oocyte numbers for cumulative 
                            S. K. Sunkara, UK

09.25                   Q&A

09.35     L2         How to define subgroups for COS?
                            C. Alviggi, Italy                              

10.00                   Q&A  

10.10                   Panel discussion

10.45                   Coffee break


Session II

Chair: Robert Fischer – Uliana Dorofeyeva


11.05     L3         What kind and dose of gonadotropins to use? Are biosimillars an option?
                            S. Kol, Israel

11.30                   Q&A                    

11.40     L4         From poor response to low prognosis: The POSEIDON concept
                            R. Fischer, Germany

12.05                   Q&A

12:15     L5         The management of The 4 Poseidon groups and the role of LH
                            C. Alviggi, Italy

12:40                   Panel discussion

13:00                   Lunch

14:00    L6          Triggering for ovulation- What are the options (hCG,GnrHa,Dual triggering)?
                            S. Kol, Israel

14.25                   Q&A

14:35    L7          A quality management for COS-The “Fischer Concept”
                            R. Fischer, Germany

15:00                   Q&A

15:10                   Panel discussion

15:25    L8          The role of recent advancement in laboratory technology to improve ART outcome
                            (Time Lapse; Vitrification)
                            M. Meseguer, Spain

15:50                   Q&A                    

16:00     L9         The role of pre-implantation testing for aneuploidy to improve selection. 
                            What are the limits?
                            M. Meseguer, Spain

16:25                   Q&A           

16:35                   Coffee break


Session III

Chair: Robert Fischer – Volodymyr Kotlik


17:00    L10       Endometrial receptivity testing for personalized infertility treatment
                           A. Salumets, Estonia

17:20                  Q&A

17:30     L11      Is the time ready for “freeze-all” strategy for all patients?
                           What is the best frozen embryo transfer protocol?
                           S. K. Sunkara, UK

17.55                  Q&A                          

18:05                 Panel discussion
                           All Speakers

18:30                 Concluding remarks
                           R. Fischer, Germany

                           End of the workshop



CME provider

EXCEMED is a nonprofit foundation dedicated, since the last four decades, to the development of high-quality medical education programmes all over the world.

EXCEMED adheres to the guidelines and standards of the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME ®) which states that continuing medical education must be balanced, independent, objective, and scientifically rigorous.

All EXCEMED programmes are organized solely to promote the exchange and dissemination of scientific and medical information.  No forms of promotional activities are permitted. There may be presentations discussing investigational uses of various products. These views are the responsibility of the named speakers and do not represent an endorsement or recommendation on the part of EXCEMED. 


Uliana Dorofeyeva

Medical Director
Medical Center Intersono Medicover Group
Lviv, Ukraine

Volodymyr Kotlik

Chief Medical Officer
Reproductive Medical Centers
Mother and Child
Kyiv, Ukraine

Andres Salumets

Baltic Fertility Society
Competence Centre on Health Technologies
University of Tartu

Shahar Kol

IVF Unit
Elisha Hospital
Haifa, Israel
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Carlo Alviggi
Reproductive medicine
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Carlo Alviggi
Reproductive medicine
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Robert Fischer
Reproductive medicine
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Robert Fischer
Reproductive medicine
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Marcos Meseguer
Reproductive medicine
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Marcos Meseguer
Reproductive medicine
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Andres Salumets
Reproductive medicine
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Andres Salumets
Reproductive medicine
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Sesh Kamal Sunkara
Reproductive medicine
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Sesh Kamal Sunkara
Reproductive medicine