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20th MS Nurse international workshop

20th MS Nurse international workshop
  • Neurology
  • Multiple sclerosis
International workshop by Excemed
Tuesday, Oct 9 2018
Berlin, Germany



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Meridiano Congress International
Event Manager: Giorgia Di Egidio
T +39 06 88595 232
F +39 06 88595 234

Registration fee


The registration fee covers the entire blended programme, including:

  • Access to the online tutorials
  • Scientific sessions
  • Coffee breaks and lunch
  • Educational materials
  • Certificate of attendance

Dinner is not included


EXCEMED Blended Education

This is a pre-ECTRIMS activity


The landscape of multiple sclerosis is rapidly evolving due to the increasing complexity of the disease, diverse treatment options and changing patient expectations. To deliver the best care experience, there is a need to promote collaborative practice involving healthcare workers from different professional backgrounds. Nurses are instrumental in bridging the patient’s needs with the expertise of the healthcare team.

The 20th edition of the MS Nurse International Workshop is an EXCEMED Learning Journey which will explore contemporary MS through the viewpoints of three main stakeholders: neurologists, nurses and patients. This blended learning experience will meld online and face-to-face activities aimed at promoting inter professional communication through case-based discussion and interactive sessions. The Journey will stimulate reasoning on how to “build the future of MS management” and develop strategic treatment plans which take key MS issues into consideration.

Learning objectives

• Fully grasp the current role and competencies of MS nurses
• Develop updated strategic treatment plans for managing MS
• Analyse challenges posed to nurses by complex MS patients


Join us and participate in the MS in 21th Century SYMPOSIUM

MS Nurse Workshop

For more information please visit

Scientific programme

Tuesday, October 9

08.30 Opening and introduction

08.40 The MS Nurse International Workshop: 20 years’ evolution in nurse education
G. Comi (Italy) and A. Perrin Ross (USA)


SESSION I -  MS: The neurologist's angle

08.55 L1: Rethinking MS immunology  
P. Vermersch (France)

09.15 Q&A

09.20 L2: Is it MS and what does having MS mean? Establishing diagnosis and prognosis
G. Comi (Italy)

09.40 Q&A

09.45 L3: What’s new in MS treatment?
M.S. Freedman (Canada)

10.05 Q&A

10.10 CC1: Let’s look at the patient, How to Monitor and Evaluate the Response to Treatment, Case Report
G. Comi (Italy), P. Vermersch (France) and M.S. Freedman (Canada)

10.55 Coffee break


SESSION II - MS: the nurse’s angle  

11.15 L4: Case management nursing and patients’ engagement strategies
A. Perrin Ross (USA)

11.35 Q&A

11.40 L5: Reducing the risks of treatments
M.Á. Robles Sánchez (Spain)

12.00 Q&A

12.05 L6: What’s new in MS symptom management
T. Campbell (Canada)

12.25 Q&A

12.30 CC2: Let’s look at the patient
A. Perrin Ross (USA) and T. Campbell (Canada)

13.15 Lunch


SESSION III - MS: The personal angle

14.15 L7: What the patients say: patient-reported outcomes and unmet needs
R. Motta (Italy)

14.35 Q&A

14.40 L8: MS advocacy and the science of patient input
P. Zaratin (Italy)

15.00 Q&A

15.05 RP: My MS
F.D. Lublin (USA) and P. van Galen (Belgium)


SESSION IV - Building the future of MS management

15.40 Introduction
D. Schmid (Italy)

15.55 Let’s collaborate − small-group work

16.55 Let’s discuss our findings

17.15 End of the live intervention

Coffee break

MS in 21th Century SYMPOSIUM

17.30 Two monologues do not make a dialogue: communicating MS disease
progression to the patient
B. Bauer (Germany), P. van Galen (Belgium) and H. Thompson (Northern Ireland)

18.15 End of the day

CME provider

EXCEMED - Excellence in Medical Education



Mark Freedman

Professor of Medicine
University of Ottawa
Ottawa, Canada
Senior Scientist and Director of the Multiple Sclerosis Research Unit
Multiple Sclerosis Research Unit
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Fred D. Lublin

Corinne Goldsmith Dickinson Center for Multiple Sclerosis
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
New York, United States

Roberta Motta

Rehabilitation Centre
AISM - Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society
Genoa, Italy

Amy Perrin Ross

Loyola University Chicago
Chicago, United States
Department of Neurosciences
Loyola University Medical Center
Oak Brook, Illinois, United States

M. A. Robles Sanchez

Multiple Sclerosis Neuroimmunology Unit
Biomedical Research Institute of Girona
Girona, Spain

Patrick Vermersch

Department of Neurosurgery
CHU Lille
Université de Lille
Lille, France

Paola Zaratin

Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society (AISM) and Italian Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (FISM)
Genoa, Italy

Trudy Campbell

Division of Neurology
Dalhousie MS Research Unit
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Pieter van Galen

MS 21th Century
European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP)
Slide kit
Amy Perrin Ross, M. A. Robles Sanchez, Trudy Campbell
Slide kit
Trudy Campbell
Slide kit
Giancarlo Comi
Slide kit
Mark Freedman
Slide kit
Mark Freedman
Slide kit
M. A. Robles Sanchez
Slide kit
Patrick Vermersch
Slide kit
Patrick Vermersch
Slide kit
Paola Zaratin