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Wolfgang Würfel

Wolfgang Würfel
Fertility Clinic Munich
Munich, Germany

gynecological  endocrinology  and reproductive medicine for over 20 years. Wolfgang  Würfel  is  co-founder  and  joint Medical Director of Kinderwunsch Centrum München  (KCM)  with  colleagues  Gottfried Krüsmann  and  Klaus  Fiedler.  The  fertility clinic, now among Germany’s largest in the field,  was  established  in  1985  at  the gynecological  center  Frauenklinik  Dr. Wilhelm  Krüsmann  and  grew  from  there. Wolfgang Würfel is on the medical faculty of the University of Würzburg and was Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago from 1989 to 1990. Wolfgang Würfel is co-editor and reviewer for numerous  national  and  international publications. He has been a Member of the Board  of  the  German  Society  for Gynecological  Endocrinology  and Reproductive Medicine (DGGEF) for over 15 years  and  is  its  press  spokesperson.  In addition, Prof. Würfel is author of numerous nationally  and  internationally  published articles and review articles and is editor of works in the field of reproductive medicine, focusing  on  reproductive  immunology  and reproductive genetics. He is a member of the Bavarian  Medical  Association’s  experts’ panels  and  has  been  the  Association’s specialist  consultant  for  fields  including

Wolfgang Würfel
Reproductive medicine
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Wolfgang Würfel
Reproductive medicine