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Thomas Ebner

Thomas Ebner
Woman´s General Hospital
Linz, Austria

Thomas  Ebner,  PhD,  graduated  with honours from the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg,  Austria,  in  1992.  Completing  his doctorate  and  post-doctoral  thesis,  he became  a  university  professor  in  Graz, Austria.  He  has  published  more  than  140 papers  and  book  chapters  as  first  and  co- author.  Research  interests  include  non- invasive IVF selection processes, andrology, vitrification  and  culture  media.  He  was certified as a senior clinical embryologist in 2008 and re-certified in 2012. Currently he is an EC Board Member of ALPHA - Scientists in  Reproductive  Medicine,  and  head  of  the Embryological  Forum  Austria  (EFA)  and National  Representative  of  Austria  in  the Advisory Committee of ESHRE.