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Riccardo Talevi

Riccardo Talevi
University of Naples Federico II
Naples, Italy

Riccardo  Talevi,  has  a  PhD  in  Biology  of Reproduction  and  Differentiation,  is Professor  of  Reproductive  Biology  at  the University  of  Naples  Federico  II,   and  is Scientific coordinator of the IVF center in the Public Hospital Moscati Avellino Italy and at the  Ospedale  Santa  Maria  Delle  Grazie  in Puzzuoli, Italy. He is Scientific Director of the Electron Microscopy Center of University of Naples  Federico  II.  His  main  research interests  include:  sperm  interaction  and
selection  inside  the  female  reproductive tract,  improving  the  efficiency  of  assisted reproduction  technology  (ART)  and  fertility preservation.  His  research  is  devoted  to understanding  the  basic  mechanisms  of gamete  maturation  and  selection,  and  the effects of cryopreservation on the biological structure of oocytes and ovarian tissue. His lab is commonly involved in the development of methodologies for: 1)in vitro interaction of spermatozoa  with  oviduct  cells;  2)  follicles
isolation  and  encapsulation;  3)  oocyte  and ovarian tissue cryopreservation. He  has  been  an  invited  speaker  at  several national and international congresses and is referee of international journals.