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Johannes Evers

Johannes Evers
Maastricht University

Johannes  L.H.  Evers,  MD  PhD  FRCOG  (ad eundem),  is  the  Editor-in-Chief  of  the Human  Reproduction,  Past-Chairman  of European  Society  of  Human  Reproduction and  Embryology  (ESHRE),  the  Dutch National Committee on Research in Human Subjects,  and  the  World  Endometriosis Society. He has been on the Editorial Boards of Human Reproduction, Fertility & Sterility , and of several other journals. Hans Evers has (co)authored well over 250 original  articles  in  peer-reviewed  journals, on subjects including endometriosis, clinical infertility, PGD, reproductive surgery, and the epidemiology  and  demography  of  infertility. Among  the  honours  and  awards  he  has received are the fellowship ad eundem of the
British  Royal  College  of  Obstetricians  and Gynaecologists and the Established Clinician Award  of  ESHRE.  He  is  a  recipient  of  the World  Infertility  Award  of  the  American Infertility  Association  and  an  honorary member of scientific societies in the Middle East,  Argentina,  Australia,  India  and Argentina.