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Ian Banks

Ian Banks
ECCO Patient Advisory Committee
British Medical Association
London, United Kingdom

Professor Banks  is the official spokesman on men’s health issues for the BMA,  president of the European Men’s Health Forum and former president of the England & Wales Men’s Health Forum, past vice president of the International Society of Men’s Health, past deputy editor of the Men’s Health Journal and for six years the medical editor for The Men’s Health Magazine. He has written over 150 books and manuals on health including the NHS Good Health Guide.

Professor Banks was appointed visiting professor of men’s health in Europe by Leeds Metropolitan University in 2005 and awarded the Royal Society of Public Health Gold Medal for  public health in 2007 followed by appointment to the Academy in 2012.  The City of Vienna and the International Society of Men’s Health honoured Prof Banks with their award for public health in September 2007. In 2012 the RSPH appointed him as Professorial Fellow to the Society. He is now visiting professor to the Universities of Ulster and Leeds along with honorary senior lecturer at Queens University medical school. He currently chairs the European Cancer Organisation (ECCO) patient advisory committee and the European Forum Against Blindness (EFAB). He was appointed vice president of the European Cancer Concord (ECC) in 2015.