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Han-Wook Yoo

Han-Wook Yoo
Pediatrics & Medical Genetic/Genomics Medical Genetics Center
University of Ulsan College of Medicine
Asan Medical Center Children's Hospital
Seul, South Korea

Han-Wook  Yoo  received  his  M.D.  from  the College of Medicine, Seoul National University in 1979. He has completed his clinical training as  an  internship  and  residency  in  1983  and clinical  fellowship  in  Pediatrics  at  Seoul National  University  Children’s  Hospital  in 1986.  He  furthered  his  clinical  and  research training  through  a  postdoctoral  fellowship  at Department  of  Pediatrics,  Mount  Sinai Medical  Center,  New  York,  U.S.A.  from  1989 through  1992,  and  certified  as  clinical molecular geneticist by the American Board of Medical Genetics. In 1994, he joined the faculty of  University  of  Ulsan  College  of  Medicine, Asan Medical Center. In 2001, he became the chairman  of  the  Department  of  Pediatrics.

From 2009 through 2012, he has served as the president  of  Asan  Medical  Center  Children’s Hospital in Seoul, Korea. Professor  Yoo  has  published  more  than  250 peer-reviewed  articles.  He  has  received several awards for his research and he is an active  member  of  many  international academic  societies  in  the  field  of endocrinology and medical genetics. Professor  Yoo’s  main  research  interests  are focused on the characterization of molecular &  functional  defects  of  endocrine  genetic disorders.

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Han-Wook Yoo
Endocrinology and metabolism