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The Voice of EXCEMED series

The Voice of EXCEMED series exposes Health Care Professionals (HCPs), patients and the general public, to the challenges placed on their healthcare system, and offers practical advice to all. Global Experts from varied medical disciplines share solutions to widely felt issues, as well as those that are distinctive to their field. They will also address the scientific, logistic and healthcare needs that urgently require management.

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We offer our registered users tailored information, free online courses and exclusive access to Digital Learning Journeys.


Paolo Pozzilli, Ernesto Maddaloni


Covid (r)Evolution: Episode 1 - COVID-19 and Diabetes

Giuseppe Patti, Ernesto Maddaloni


Covid (r)Evolution: Episode 2 - COVID-19 and Cardiovascular Disease

Ruggero Capra, Doriana Landi


Covid (r)Evolution: Episode 3 - COVID-19 and Multiple Sclerosis

Carlo Alviggi, Doriana Landi


Covid (r)Evolution: Episode 4 - Professor Carlo Alviggi on Reproductive Medicine and Covid-19

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Learning objectives

Covid (r)Evolution

In this Digital Learning Journey, Italian medical Experts take centre stage in the Voice of EXCEMEDs Covid (r)Evolution video-interview segment. 

As the first European nation to be ravaged by the disease, these Italian Specialist have worked ceaselessly since the emergence of the virus on Italian soil. Crossing through the eye of the storm, at the peak of Italy's Coronavirus Crisis, they have encountered unprecedented symptoms and accrued novel data across all medical sectors.

Their front line experience has allowed them to present cutting-edge findings, spreading awareness about the disease to the public and HCPs on an international level. This expertise and insight has also contributed to the development of new strategies, theories and techniques to combat the effects of the pandemic on Italy's population, and worldwide.