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Patients benefit when industry and medical academics coexist

Patients benefit when industry and medical academics coexist
6 September 2018

Patients benefit when healthcare practitioners and members of industry work together. For example, exchange between industry and doctors is vital for clinicians to keep abreast of medical developments that can change lives.

Independent medical education drives healthcare forward, delivering results to people who need it most: patients.

In the healthcare field, where research, innovation and clinical approaches are rapidly changing, the general consensus is that industry and medical academics must coexist in order to positively impact patients.

If doctors are to receive the best possible educational experience, the relationships between industry and academy must be fully transparent. This is the backbone of truly independent medical education.

Transparency and independent CME go hand-in-hand

EXCEMED takes measures to ensure that scientific programmes are free of bias, particularly with regard to industry or commercial products, mechanical devices, pharmaceutical products, as well as intellectual, political or religious views.

The EXCEMED planning process includes a conflict of interest (COI) review which ensures that any potential conflicts are resolved before the start of an educational activity. Faculty COI declarations are published on site and online.

How unbiased is EXCEMED?

Numbers from 2017 tell a positive medical education story:

  • in Learning Satisfaction surveys, participants gave EXCEMED an average unbiased rate of 96% across all medical specialties

  • when asked if EXCEMED programmes were beneficial to patients, doctors awarded an overall average score of 97% across all medical specialties

Find out how your company can benefit from our Transformational Learning approach.

Have a look at how EXCEMED uses blended learning to engage healthcare professionals worldwide:


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