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The MS journey: advances in treatment and immunological insight

The MS journey: advances in treatment and immunological insight
  • Neurology
  • Multiple sclerosis
20 September 2017

The clinical journey of MS is complex. Accurate evaluation of prognostic factors, early treatment, appropriate switching strategies and adherence to treatment guarantee disability prevention in patients with multiple sclerosis on long-term observation.
With the video lectures and slide kits in this new learning package, retrace the  steps  of  the  MS  journey and get an overview  of the immunological  insights, treatment options and goals from the past to the future.

Old and new immunological insights into MS

Maintenance therapies in RRMS: mechanisms of action, rationale and evidence, VIDEO LECTURE (PORTUGUESE) M.R. Papais Alvarenga, Brazil

The emerging concept of long-term remission in MS: mechanisms of action, rationale and evidence, VIDEO LECTURE (SPANISH) O. Fernandez, Spain

Treatment of progressive MS: why, who, when, how, VIDEO LECTURE G. Comi, Italy

Old and new risks of treating MS

Risks of maintenance therapies: short and long term observation, VIDEO LECTURE (SPANISH) J. Flores, Mexico         

Burden of monitoring  old and new treatments and long-term adherence to monitoring plan, VIDEO LECTURE (PORTUGUESE) A. Pereira Gomes Neto, Brazil

Old and new MS patient populations and treatment goals

Old and new populations: clinical trials and treatment goals, VIDEO LECTURE Y.D.  Fragoso, Brazil

Guidelines for MS treatment in Brazil and the rest of the world, VIDEO LECTURE J. Becker, Brazil

Patients and doctors: past and future unmet needs in MS, VIDEO LECTURE (SPANISH) C. Navas, Colombia

Regional workshop
São Paulo, Brazil
Aug 22, 2017
Target audience
Neurologists managing MS in Latin America
by Excemed