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Modern medical education is built on learning that endures

Modern medical education is built on learning that endures
6 July 2018

When reinforced with digital learning, a single face-to-face educational experience lasting one day has the potential to reach thousands of healthcare professionals.

EXCEMED uses creative and adaptive learning formats to maximize engagement before, during and after live interventions. This approach evolved into our Blended Learning Journey model which offers doctors an interactive portal to digital resources which compliment what is offered during an on-site experience. A Learning Journey can extend over a period of six months to a year, all the time reinforcing content from different angles, using different modes of delivery.

We support our educational repertoire by applying adult learning principles to boost interactivity through tools such as: accredited online courses, preparatory online lectures, scientific literature libraries, webinars, surveys, quizzes and more.


Each step of a Learning Journey is strengthened by targeted communication with learners from the international opinion leaders who serve as EXCEMED faculty. Our systematic planning process, programme design, implementation and evaluation phases are all elements that work together to help participants achieve their learning goals.

The EXCEMED blend of traditional adult learning methodologies are married with emerging trends, making each scientific programme more sustainable. For EXCEMED, sustainable learning is impactful, gives measurable results and is passed on by doctors to their peers at hospitals and universities around the world; a brand of modern medical education that’s conducive to exponential influence.

Is your company ready to enjoy exponential influence among medical professionals around the world? Contact us.

Have a look at some examples of how EXCEMED strives for changes in clinical practice through its learning resources and programmes:


Expert Interview: G. Brenta - Subclinical hypothyroidism: cardiovascular consequences
This expert interview with Dr. G. Brenta (Argentina) has enjoyed popularity among endocrinologists and general practitioners in Latin America and beyond.


Prediabetes: stopping the path towards diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
Most people with prediabetes are unaware they have the condition. This new graphically scribed video presented by Prof Hamdy (USA) is here to help general practitioners.


#MSTalks Episode 19: Epidemiology of MS
This new #MSTalk presented by Dr. Otero illuminates some of the topics that will be raised at our upcoming 20th MS nurse international workshop in Berlin, Germany (9 October 2018).