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Luteinizing hormone in ART: Comprehensive learning package

Luteinizing hormone in ART: Comprehensive learning package
  • Reproductive medicine
  • Fertility
16 July 2017

This conference will review and further enlighten the main topics discussed during the First world conference on luteinizing hormone (LH) in ART: A flight of discovery in Naples, Italy on 27-28 May 2016. By following the expert resources below, take steps to grasp the rationale for using recombinant LH in assisted reproductive technology as well as understand the role of LH in human reproduction.

PUBLICATION: Scientific Highlights: First world conference on LH in ART - Landing in Latin America

VIDEO: Scientific Highlights: First world conference on LH in ART - Landing in Latin America

LH: Taking off from basic science... Flying through clinical practice

LH vs hCG: formulations and physiological differences  VIDEO LECTURE, S. Esteves (Brazil)

Polymorphism of LH and its receptor and their application to clinical practice, C. Alviggi (Italy)

Who needs LH supplementation?  VIDEO LECTURE, P. Humaidan (Denmark)

Encountering turbulence:  Impaired outcomes in IVF

Poor responder definition: are we on the right path?, S. C. Esteves (Brazil)

“Low prognosis” concept: a new proposed stratification by POSEIDON Working Group  VIDEO LECTURE, P. Humaidan (Denmark)

Getting the right dosage to the right patient: The importance of ovarian sensitivity in ovarian stimulation  VIDEO LECTURE, C. Alviggi (Italy)

Case study 1, Case study 2, C. Alviggi (Italy)

On the correct flight path: New strategies to manage impaired IVF response

“Maximum output with minimum efforts”: Is it possible to estimate the number of oocytes I need to optimize IVF success?  VIDEO LECTURE, S. C. Esteves (Brazil)

The application of double stimulation (DuoStim) in COS to increase the number of oocytes/embryos in ART  VIDEO LECTURE, C. Alviggi (Italy)

The balance between “quality and quantity” in ART: how to manage the risk of an excessive ovarian stimulation, P. Humaidan (Denmark)

Case study, P. Humaidan (Denmark)

Regional workshop
Mexico City, Mexico
Apr 7 - 8, 2017
Target audience
Clinicians, embryologists, biologists and scientists working in ART.
by Excemed
Reproductive medicine