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Learning Package: MS pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment decisions

Learning Package: MS pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment decisions
  • Neurology
  • Multiple sclerosis
4 December 2017

New insights into MS pathogenesis and the discovery of new treatments have made daily clinical practice even more challenging for physicians involved in MS patient management. One of the significant issues in MS today is the timing of therapy and switching therapies from traditional first-line disease-modifying therapies to other first- or second-line therapies.

The video lectures and slide kits below address the following concepts:

• Immunological factors involved in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis and pathological findings
• Integrate clinical, radiological and neurophysiological data to corroborate MS diagnosis
• Incorporate information regarding prognostic factors and the risks/benefit profile of currently available and new drugs for multiple sclerosis into treatment decisions

Pathogenesis and pathology

Genetics and genetic biomarkers
J. Hillert (Sweden)

Pathology of damage: relapsing remitting and progressive MS
W. Brück (Germany)

Remyelination: new insights from molecular and microstructural imaging
B. Bodini (France)

Diagnosis and differential diagnosis

Diagnosis and differential diagnosis VIDEO LECTURE
B. Stankoff (France)

MRI in diagnosis and monitoring of MS and treatments
M.A. Rocca (Italy)

Neurophysiology and OCT in diagnosis and monitoring of MS and MS mimickers VIDEO LECTURE
L. Leocani (Italy)


Prognostic factors and treatment choice VIDEO LECTURE
F. Lublin (USA)

Efficacy and safety of treatments with pleiotropic and antiproliferative MoA  VIDEO LECTURE
M.S. Freedman (Canada)

Efficacy and safety of treatments with targeted cells lysis and antimigratory MoA VIDEO LECTURE
Gavin Giovannoni (UK)

Novelties in progressive MS VIDEO LECTURE
A.J. Thompson (UK)

New goals, new treatments, new monitoring needs  VIDEO LECTURE
G. Comi (Italy)

International workshop
Paris, France
Oct 24, 2017
Target audience
This live educational course is dedicated to neurologists specialised in MS as well as other clinicians with a special interest or focus on the disease.
by Excemed