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Learning package: In-depth MRI techniques and analysis in multiple sclerosis

Learning package: In-depth MRI techniques and analysis in multiple sclerosis
  • Neurology
  • Multiple sclerosis
1 November 2017



MRI findings are key to the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS), as well as being used to evaluate prognostic factors at onset and along the disease course. The MRI exam, along with the clinical evaluation, are the key measures for estimating treatment response and safety. Estimating prognosis may benefit from quantitative analysis of lesion load and brain volumes. Unconventional techniques are mostly used in clinical research and provide unique information about micro structural damage and brain dynamics. Therefore, there is a need to constantly update knowledge in the MRI field.

Update your MRI knowledge with this new package of resources which aim for the following learning goals:

•  Describe the clinical and radiological work up for MS diagnosis

•  Define NEDA and other MRI-related prognostic markers

•  Illustrate the main findings of optic nerve MRI

•  Describe the main software for imaging, post-processing and basic principles of quantitative analysis of MRI imaging

The clinical work up of patients suspected of having MSVIDEO LECTURE
    K. Parmar (Switzerland)

The MRI criteria for diagnosing MS
    M. Filippi (Italy)

MRI and differential diagnosis in patients suspected of having MS
    A. Falini (Italy)

Monitoring treatment response with MRI (from NEDA-3 to NEDA-4)
    N. De Stefano (Italy)

Individualised treatment in patients with MS
    G. Comi (Italy)

Advanced imaging techniques: basic principles,  VIDEO LECTURE
    E. Pagani (Italy)

Understanding MS evolution using functional MR techniques
    M.A. Rocca (Italy)

MRI and cognition
    P. Preziosa (Italy)

Spinal cord MRI
    P. Valsasina (Italy)

Atrophy: from clinical trials to single patient
    G. Tedeschi (Italy)

Practice teaching course
Milan, Italy
Oct 5 - 6, 2017
Target audience
Young clinicians and scientists currently involved in MS management as well as radiologists interested in MS
by Excemed