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Learning Package: Achieving better results in ART

Learning Package: Achieving better results in ART
  • Reproductive medicine
  • Fertility
23 January 2018

There is inconsistent knowledge on the application of protocols for controlled ovarian stimulation (COS): hormonal as well as functional and genetic biomarkers, individualized approach to COS or the use of LH in COS.

Patients with poor ovarian response represent, even now, one of the most difficult subgroups for ART treatment. A new category of patient based on age and ovarian reserve has been suggested for defining reproductive prognosis and identifying the most appropriate therapeutic strategy.

Andrology and reproductive genetics may benefit many subgroups of infertile patients concerning their reproductive outcome. Moreover, implementing a quality management system in ART clinics and laboratories plays a key role in improving results. All these aspects may contribute to increasing success rates in IVF.

Review the slide kits below for new insight into these topics.

Controlled ovarian stimulation

Biomarkers and Pharmacogenomics : What are the new options for COS Standardisation              
                 S. Sunkara, UK
The Poor Responders: Aetiology & Management
                  S. Sunkara, UK
The role of LH in COS
                J.-N. Hugues, France
The Poor Prognosis Patient-The “POSEIDON” Subgroups and management
                 R. Fischer, Germany

Progesterone rise on triggering day-What does it mean?
                J.-N. Hugues, France

Improving ART results

The Luteal Phase Support-New challenges?
                  R. Fischer, Germany

How Can Andrology help optimizing ART cycles
                 W. Schulze, Germany
The role of the reproductive genetics in optimizing ART results
                  K. Held, Germany
The Fischer´s Concept for iCOS
                   R. Fischer, Germany

Practice teaching course
Hamburg, Germany
Sep 22 - 23, 2017
by Excemed
Reproductive medicine