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High-impact medical education depends on a global network of high-impact experts

High-impact medical education depends on a global network of high-impact experts
11 September 2018

In the rapidly changing field of medicine, reaching doctors effectively requires first having access to the most credible experts. EXCEMED collaborates with some of the most highly valued medical opinion leaders in the world. Thanks to these relationships, we have advanced our global presence and credibility in neurology, reproductive medicine, oncology, key aspects of general medicine and other fields.

Dialogue guided by experts

Having strong relationships with experts is a key ingredient for developing an informed view of local, regional and international knowledge gaps. EXCEMED works proactively to highlight the visions of international and local faculty in different fields of medicine to guarantee that their views are considered at the forefront of scientific thinking.

EXCEMED scientific programmes traverse the globe and succeed in reaching healthcare professionals from a multitude of different cultural backgrounds and medical priorities.

Transformational Learning in medical education flows from interprofessionalism, digital-live combined pedagogic formats and a focus on achieving specific learning outcomes. But above all, medical education is an open dialogue guided by experts and perpetuated among peers.

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Have a look at some examples of how EXCEMED strives for changes in clinical practice through its learning resources and programmes:


The ART Calculator: estimating a new marker of success in ART
S. Esteves, international opinion leader in fertility, gives insight into the POSEIDON classification.


Expert interview: Dysthyroidism and vascular biology 
International opinion leader in endocrinology, G. Kahaly (Germany), discusses key topics in thyroid dysfunction.


Will the new biomarkers improve our staging of MS? 
International opinion leader in multiple sclerosis, X. Montalban (Spain), gives an Expert Perspective on biomarkers and disease staging.