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Digital Learning Journey: Stopping the path towards diabetes

Digital Learning Journey: Stopping the path towards diabetes
  • Endocrinology and metabolism
  • Diabetes
24 January 2019


Thyroid Disorder

Enroll in this free Digital Learning Journey that offers 12 lectures in video format.

Diabetes mellitus is a devastating disease affecting ~500 million people worldwide, and complications of diabetes are major causes of morbidity and mortality. Indeed, diabetes is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease, end-stage renal disease, blindness and non-traumatic lower-limb amputation. Diabetes-related costs are also huge, and this burden is expected to dramatically increase over the years as a result of several factors including the increasing incidence of diabetes, the increasing number and use of expensive glucose-lowering drugs and the need to treat diabetes-related complications requiring hospitalization.


Osama Hamdy
Paolo Pozzilli
Ernesto Maddaloni
Kun-Ho Yoon
Mohamed M Mafauzy
Brian Tomlinson