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The immunomodulatory role of Therapeutic Plasma exchange in neuromuscular and PNS diseases: a practical approach & new knowledge

The immunomodulatory role of Therapeutic Plasma exchange in neuromuscular and PNS diseases: a practical approach & new knowledge
  • Neurology
International workshop by Excemed
Saturday, May 19 2018
London, United Kingdom


The official language of this live educational workshop will be English.

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To register for this event, contact

Meridiano Congress International
Congress Manager: David H. Slangen
T +39 06 88595 250
F +39 06 88595 234

The registration fee is 50 £ and includes:

•     Scientific sessions

•     Coffee breaks and luncheons

•     Educational materials

•     Certificate of attendance

Target audiences

This programme is designed for neurologists specialized in PNS & Neuromuscular
Internal Medicine and ICU
who want to acquire up-to date information for improving their current practice.



Autoimmune-mediated diseases affecting the peripheral nervous system (PNS) are a group of pathologies usually associated with an aggressive course and high clinicaldisability. A prompt diagnosis and correct course of treatment are fundamental in order to limit functional impairment and prevent clinical relapses.

The clinical picture of autoimmune mediated polyneuropathies ranges from the acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (AIDP), to the chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP), with all its sub forms, each with specific clinical presentations. Along with the peripheral nervous system, the neuromuscular plaque can also be affected by antibodies and pathogenic activity, causing myasthenia gravis.

While in some types of autoimmune-mediated PNS diseases the related causative antibodies are well known, among others the pathogenic role of the immune system is only hypothesized.  The best treatment approach is to remove auto antibodies targeting the PNS. the gold standard treatment is finalized to quickly removed autoantibodies targeting the PNS.

This workshop will review the main clinical and pathogenic features of immune-mediated PNS disorders and discuss the rationale and  utility of therapeutic plasma exchange.

Learning objectives

• Review the main updated knowledge about clinical aspects and immune pathogenesis of inflammatory neuropathies and Myasthenia Gravis

• Summarize the mechanisms of action of the therapeutic plasma exchange, including effects on the immune system, removal of disease mediators and biomarkers

• Explain the practical utility of plasma exchange in Guillain Barrè syndrome and Myasthenia Gravis

• Implement current practice guidelines about the indication and use of therapeutic plasma exchange in peripheral nervous system disorders into daily clinical practice

Scientific programme

Saturday, 19 May 2018


From 09.15         Registration


09.45                     Welcome and Introduction



Clinical and pathogenical aspects of immune-mediated neuromuscular disorders


10.00     L1           Guillain-Barré syndrome spectrum  VIDEO LECTURE

S. Rinaldi (UK)


10.30     L2           Myasthenia Gravis clinical overview

S. Jacob (UK)


11.00                    Coffee break


11.15     L3           Antibodies and immune-mediated neuromuscular disorders: what is known/what’s new  VIDEO LECTURE

S. Rinaldi (UK)


11.45     CC          Clinical case presentation on differential diagnosis

S. Jacob (UK)


12.30                     Lunch break


Session II: Treatment


13.30     L4           Therapeutic Plasma exchange and the immune system

S. Jacob (UK)


14.00     L5           Therapeutic plasma exchange in clinical practice VIDEO LECTURE

A. Bhattacharjee (UK)


14.30     L6           The role of therapeutic plasma exchange in acute inflammatory neuropathies: evidence based guidelines VIDEO LECTURE

S. Rinaldi (UK)


15.00                     Coffee break


15.15     L7           Therapeutic plasma exchange in chronic immune-mediated neuromuscular disorders: when, how, how long  VIDEO LECTURE

A. Bhattacharjee (UK)


15.45                    Round table on therapeutic plasma exchange: experience from the reference neurological centers


16.45                    Closing remarks


                              End of the live educational workshop

CME provider

EXCEMED - Excellence in Medical Education