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Sandro Esteves

Sandro Esteves
ANDROFERT - Andrology & Human Reproduction Clinic
Campinas, Brazil

Sandro Esteves is Clinical and Scientific Director of ANDROFERT-Andrology and Human Reproduction Clinic a referral Fertility Center for male reproduction in Brazil.  Dr. Sandro earned his  MD.  in  1990 from the University of Campinas  (UNICAMP),  Brazil, where he did residency training in  General Surgery and Urology.  

He completed his training in the United States (1995-1996) as a Research Fellow at the  Cleveland  Clinic’s Center for Reproductive  Medicine.  He was awarded a Master Degree in Surgery in 1998, obtained at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP,  Brazil), and a PhD. in Medicine (Urology) in 2001, at the Federal University of São  Paulo  (UNIFESP,  Brazil).  

Dr.  Esteves  is Board-certified  Urologist  by  the  Brazilian Society  of  Urology  (SBU),  and  certified  ART Center  director  and  IVF  Consultant  by  the Brazilian  Society  of  Assisted  Reproduction (SBRA)  and  RedLatinoAmericana  de Reprodución  Asistida  (RedLara).  He is Collaborating Professor in the Department of Surgery  (Division of Urology)  at  UNICAMP (Campinas, Brazil) and Honorary Professor of Reproductive Medicine at the Faculty of Health,  Aarhus University,  Denmark. Sandro Esteves is also Research Collaborator at both the Cleveland  Clinic’s  American Center for Reproductive Medicine (USA) and Genetic  Unit, Department of Biology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, (Spain). He holds  an  honorary  title  of  Clinical  Tutor  in Urology at the University of Edinburgh (UK). 

His research/clinical interests include male infertility, reproductive endocrinology, cleanroom technology, and quality management. Dr. Esteves has published over 200 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, authored over 70 book chapters, and presented over 150 papers at both national and international scientific meetings.  His current Hirsch index (H index) is 35 while his citation count is more than 3,500. Sandro is also a Faculty member of F1000Prime in the area of reproductive endocrinology & infertility since 2016 and is a founder member of Group Poseidon. 

Sandro has served as an editor of 5 textbooks related to male infertility, reproductive medicine, and assisted reproductive technology. He is also the guest editor of 3 special issues in scientific journals on topics related to reproductive medicine. Dr. Esteves serves on the Editorial Board of several Journals and is  Associate Editor of International Brazilian Journal of Urology and Frontiers in Reproductive  Endocrinology (Section Reproduction). Dr. Esteves has been invited as guest speaker at many international meetings in over  30  countries.  He is the recipient of the  “Alumni of the  Year”  Award from the Cleveland  Clinic Center for Reproductive  Medicine, and the Star  Award from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine for the last 5 years.