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Transformational Learning for a Transforming Industry

Transformational Learning for a Transforming Industry
16 February 2018

Healthcare is changing at a rapid pace. Advancements in biomedical sciences, new diagnostic methods, changing institutional structures, financial constraints and the growth of specialized drugs, among many other factors.

At the heart of these changes is an evolving patient engagement approach wherein doctors and patients share information and integrate it into care.

How can pharmaceutical companies navigate this challenging landscape? With non-traditional approaches to medical education.

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A progressive pathway to changes in clinical practice

Education and training of healthcare professionals must be suited to the times. The passive, slow, expensive and learner satisfaction-focussed traditional model of medical education has progressed to a self-paced, low-cost and elective digital approach.

EXCEMED surpasses the digital approach to medical education by taking a bold step further with its Transformational Learning model.

This approach injects new meaning into the learning process by combining the traditional, digital and the interpersonal. In Transformational Learning, the most important metric is change in clinical practice.