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The secret to reaching doctors? Meaningful engagement

The secret to reaching doctors? Meaningful engagement
5 March 2018



Medical education vs. medical information

Medical education involves a lot more than giving doctors access to static medical information at face-to-face events or online. If the goals of modern medical education are to bolster competence, increase knowledge and inspire changes in clinical practice, then learning experiences must have a lasting and meaningful effect on healthcare professionals.

Achieving meaning is a key tenet of Transformational Learning. Knowledge gained through meaningful learning allows healthcare professionals to be fully engaged in their own educational process so that they understand how all the pieces of a concept fit together.

Education built for learner engagement

EXCEMED curricula are presented in a variety of formats, from large-scale international conferences to regional workshops, to hands-on training. In each context, educational experiences are personalized, interactive and produce measurable outcomes, including a view to changes in daily clinical practice.

Educational design that prioritizes interaction is key for facilitating learner engagement. EXCEMED focuses on:

  • encouraging reflection on clinical practice
  • giving the opportunity to put skills into practice
  • allowing learners direct access to faculty
  • helping learners see the difference between current practice and standards yet to be achieved
  • analyzing measureable outcomes among learners

Have a look at some examples of how EXCEMED strives to give healthcare professionals meaningful learning experiences through programmes and resources:


Video interview package: Expert voices in hypertension
These four interviews from top experts in the field of cardiometabolic medicine help illuminate some of the current issues of interest to practitioners.


Learning Package: disease staging and treatment in multiple sclerosis Epidemiological studies and the availability of new technologies for diagnosing and treating multiple sclerosis (MS) have dramatically changed the management of the disease all over the world.


Learning package:  Luteinizing hormone in ART
Our regional conference in Latin America was built on the expertise of the First world conference on luteinizing hormone in ART. This learning package gives practitioners the opportunity to grasp the rationale for using recombinant LH in assisted reproductive technology as well as understand the role of LH in human reproduction.