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Call for abstracts: 2017 Annual conference in MS

Call for abstracts: 2017 Annual conference in MS
  • Neurology
  • Multiple sclerosis
6 February 2017

Call for abstracts

EXCEMED – Excellence in Medical Education - and the Chairs of the upcoming 2017 Annual conference in multiple sclerosis (3 March 2017, Rome, Italy) invite abstract submissions on the occasion of this international conference.

Prospective presenters from Europe are invited to send an abstract on hot topics in multiple sclerosis meeting the following criteria:

Abstracts must be 300 words, written in English and contain:

  • a clearly stated main objective
  • a description of the topic or issue covered in the presentation
  • an emphasis on the  critical issues relating to specific topics in the presentation 
  • a summary containing conclusions

The conference scientific committee will review abstracts and select the successful applications.

EXCEMED will provide free conference registration, travel, transfer and accommodation to presenters whose abstract has been selected.

Abstract submission deadline: 17 February 2017

Send your abstract to:

Target audience
Neurologists involved in MS management.
by Excemed